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Working to Prevent Child Abuse

Penquis serves as the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council for Penobscot and Piscataquis counties. The mission of the council is to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens. We will be working with many partner organizations to fulfill this mission.

Preventing child abuse is a never-ending responsibility. Our work is focused on three areas:

  • Helping parents develop healthy parenting practices by connecting them with other parents or available resources in the community.
  • Training mandated reporters, such as teachers, nurses and police and others that work with children so they can identify abuse and report it quickly.
  • Educating the general public by distributing literature, holding public forums, and participating in a wide range of other outreach activities throughout the year.
  • Advocating for children in close cooperation with other community organizations and government agencies.

We know that children who are abused or neglected continue to suffer, even long after the abuse has stopped.

Consider these facts:
• By age 21, nearly 80% of abuse victims suffer from a mental health diagnosis  such as:  depression, chronic anxiety, eating disorders or PTSD.
•Victims of child abuse are almost four times more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.
•More than 36% of all women and 14% of all men in prison were abused as children.
•Some abused children become abusers themselves later in life, continuing a cycle of pain.
For all these reasons, preventing abuse now is key to solving this very real and growing problem

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