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A Visit with William

Learning More About Transportation Options for Veterans

August 10, 2016

William Larson is a veteran and served in the Navy, spending 4 years overseas. He is now 80 years old and a resident of Monson, Maine. William still has his driver’s license but two years ago was in a bad car accident. He lost control of his vehicle on a winter evening and his car went down a bank and into a brook. Luckily the local sheriff was about 5 minutes behind. Seeing tire tracks leave the road but no vehicle, the sheriff turned around and looked for the car. After finding William, the sheriff called for the ambulance and fire trucks, and the emergency crews were able to safely extract William from his car. Since that evening he has chosen not to drive.  

When a person decides to no longer drive they give up a bit of their independence and freedom. They have to rely on others to get them to needed medical appointments, the store or the bank, to visit a friend or family member, and to many other places that those of us who drive take for granted.

William has significant health issues and needs help with his regular visits to the VA hospital in william 1_1.jpgTogus. From Monson to Togus it is almost 100 miles. That’s a 1 hour and 50 minute ride. He shared that he utilizes Penquis Lynx Mobility Services to get back and forth to his VA appointments. He added that he also uses the Lynx for transportation around town to do basic errands, such as grocery shopping and banking.

The Lynx has helped William to live independently and access needed medical care. William’s only complaint is having to give advance notice to Lynx for a ride. There are times when he has to decline medical appointments that come up unexpectedly, because Lynx is already booked for that day. But he understands and talked about the many miles the Lynx drivers put on their vehicles each day helping out people. He also shared that Lynx is always willing to put him on a waiting list so that if there is a cancellation they can try to fit him in.

William complimented the drivers for always following the speed limit and helping him feel safe. He said, “I watch that speedometer, too, and if it says 65 mph, they do 65 mph, and if it says 55 mph, they do 55 mph.” He very much appreciates how the rides are scheduled for him through the VA if it is a VA related trip.

He wishes more veterans knew of this service. He said he knows of veterans that just can’t get places they need to go and he wants to help spread the word of this great transportation service.

For more information call 1-866-853-5969

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