Improvements, Repairs, & Inspections

Home Repair  - If you have necessary home repairs we may be able to assist you with the funding needed to complete the repairs. FMI: 207 973-3665

Mobile Home Replacement - Replaces mobile homes made in 1975 or older in poor, unsafe conditions. FMI: 207- 973-3665

Weatherization - Eligible households can conserve energy through the application of weatherization techniques.  Households must be qualified for the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) FMI: 207-974-2407

Lead Inspection – Helps families identify and correct  lead hazards in the home for income eligible homes with children 6 years or younger. FMI: 207-973-3665.


Penquis offers fee-based services at competitive prices for the general public.  No income eligibility is required.

Home Inspections - Penquis offers general building inspections, radon testing, and carbon monoxide testing to the general public (both commercial and private buildings) FMI: 207-973-3554

Home Energy Audits - Residents can request a single test or service or the complete Penquis Home Audit.  A single test is best if you have a specific area of concern. Single tests offered include: Ventilation and Air Flow, Infrared Thermal, and Combustion Gas Leak Detection, among others. FMI: 207-973-3554

Lead Inspections -  Elevated lead levels can do permanent damage, cause developmental delays in children and be toxic. If you live in an older home or rent an older home where you suspect lead paint we encourage you to have your home tested for lead. FMI: 207- 973-3552

Radon Testing-Maine has high levels of radon occurring naturally. You can not see radon nor can you smell or taste it. Only by testing your home or water will you know if you are at risk due to high levels of radon.FMI: 207- 973-3552

HEPA Vacuum Rentals –rentals are available to help families clean up after rehab projects. HEPA Vacs are needed to capture tiny particles of lead dust that would pass right through a regular vacuum. The rental fee is $25 per day or $50 for three days. FMI: 207-973-3665

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