Business 101 & Incubators Without Walls (IWW)

What you need to know before starting a business.

MaineStream Finance, a subsidiary of Penquis, offers Business 101 workshops and Incubator Without Walls Classes in Penobscot & Piscataquis counties and the Hatchery seminar Series in Rockland. To learn more about each offering see below

Business 101 -This workshop is for anyone interested in knowing more about starting a business. Many people have an idea for a business but are unsure of the next steps or what is involved in starting a business. Business 101 will help answer those questions. The workshop provides an overview of the pros and cons of operating a small business, including the basics of a business plan, the importance of networking, creating and managing a budget, available resources for business development and understanding credit. To see the schedule for fall classes scroll to the bottom of the page and click open the Business 101 Fall Schedule.

IWW- Incubators Without Walls: The Incubator Without Walls Program is a free 12-week, 12-session program that helps businesses get started on the path to success. During the program, participants will draft business plans and learn about topics such as marketing, management skills, credit, recordkeeping, financing, cash flow, and more! Microenterprise Consultant James Macomber will offer material in a live classroom setting, online webinars, and through one-on-one consulting. To see the schedule for fall classes scroll to the bottom of the page and click open the IWW Fall Schedule.

To find out dates and times for Business 101 or and IWW class visit call 1-800-215-4942  ext. 2476 or email

The Hatchery Seminar Series -
The Hatchery is a free seminar series designed to help small businesses start up and grow! The series offers seven free seminars that will take the mystery out of starting a new business or growing an existing one. The series will help address the questions you need to ask before you start or as you are growing, and provide answers and resources. 

Each seminar will be held at the MaineStream office at 315 Main Street in Rockland every Thursday evening from 6 to 7:30 PM, starting from September 17 and running until October 29.

The series will examine your value proposition, marketing and sales, legal and regulatory issues, and how a business plan works. Speakers will include entrepreneurs who will share their experience and specialists who understand the numbers and the laws and regulations. The series will be anchored by Ken Greenleaf, business counselor at MaineStream Finance. This is a free seminar, open to anyone, but space is limited so we ask you to register at  by visiting and clicking “Register.” For more information about the Hatchery Seminar Series you can view open the flyer below.

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