Help Us Celebrate Community Action Month

Share How Penquis Has Helped You!

2014 is a notable year for Community Action because it is the 50th anniversary for Community Action. For 50 years, Community Action agencies like Penquis have helped many individuals, seniors and families along the way by improving the quality of life and offering support in their efforts to become more secure financially.  Community Action programs help improve lives and communities with programs like Head Start, heating assistance, assisted living for seniors, affordable housing, assistance with back to school supplies as well as transportation and much more.

If you have received support from Penquis, help us celebrate Community Action Month by sharing how Penquis has helped you or a loved one.  Maybe it was with heating assistance during a long winter, a parenting classes that better prepared you, preparing your child for school through our Head Start program, or maybe we provided you a ride to a medical appointment.  However we may have helped we would love to hear from you. To share please fill out the form below.

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