Click for Babies

Requirements for a Successful Click-for-Babies Purple Cap

Color. Hats have to be more than 50 percent purple, and they can be any shade of purple whatsoever. Purple hat = PURPLE crying reminder. You don't want this special protection cap confused with any ordinary hat.
Fiber. You want something washable and soft. This hat's going on a newborn's head, so the softer the yarn, the better. Best way to test a yarn's softness: Rub it against the delicate skin of your neck, or your cheek. Test multiple yarns until you get the right one, and take comfort in knowing that yarn shop workers will not bat an eye at this.

Design. It's for a newborn, so nothing that could possibly be a choking/strangulation hazard. No pompoms, straps, ribbons, buttons, bows, tassels or strings. If in doubt, go for your standard watch cap – it's easy, elastic and gender-neutral. Click for Babies also has a bunch of safe patterns up on the campaign's website. Families have requested more "boy-friendly" hats in shades of darker purples with simpler designs, so keep that in mind when you pick your pattern.

Size. Remember, these hats are bound for babies that are a day or two old – hats that are significantly bigger (think toddler-sized) or significantly smaller (think micropreemie) just won't work here. Not sure your hat's the right size? The hospital has an easy way to check – blow up a balloon to a circumference of about 14 inches (the size of the average newborn's head) and try your hat on it. Or use a right-sized grapefruit/squash/stuffed animal. Aim for a height of 4-6 inches.

Warmth. Besides being decorative, adorable and a reminder of PURPLE crying, our hats have to keep the little ones warm. To do that the fabric's got to be fairly dense. Try your hat on your balloon/grapefruit/toy. If your hat's got a very loose gauge, tweak your pattern/needles/hook/yarn.

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