Helping Laid Off Mill Workers with Heating Assistance

winter_widow_w_a_mom.jpgThese are challenging times for laid off mill workers and their families. With the recent mill layoffs approximately 800 families in Penobscot County are directly impacted.

With any layoff or sudden job loss comes many concerns, like health care, paying the mortgage, car payments and, for some, heating their home.

If you would like to make a donation to help a laid off mill worker with heating their home you can make a donation below.  You can even designate your gift to benefit workers from a specific mill. Your donation will help supply 100 gallons of fuel or the equivalent in wood, propane or pellets to a mill family in need of immediate heating assistance.

Lincoln Paper and Tissue, Lincoln – Laid Off Employees
Great Northern Paper, Millinocket - Laid Off Employees 
Verso Paper, Bucksport – Laid off Employees

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