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The bill received a unanimous ought to pass from the committee after reducing the fiscal note from $250,000/yr to $150,000/yr per the recommendation of the senate chair.  To do that, they reduced the number of pilots from 5 to 3 but kept the 5 years duration.  Below you will find a copy of LD 956, An Act to Create Community Schools. They have also taken out the required reporting to the DOE by the schools.The next step will be for the bill to go to the Appropriations Committee.

Below you will find a copy of the original bill and will also find copies of testimony given by Penquis as well as the testimony given Kristine Knapp, she is our AmeriCorp VISTA Community Resource Coordinator, she offered testimony to provide an example of what a community school looks like as she has had the opportunity to visit a few in Lancaster, PA. You will also find testimony by Adam Regan, an 8th grade student at LMS in Old Town.

Kara Hay, our CEO at Penquis submitted an Op Ed in the Bangor Daily News you can find in the link below.


If you would like any information about Community Schools or are interested in becoming a Community School contact Renae Muscatell  rmuscatell@penquis.org  or Kristine Knapp kknapp@penquis.org  or by phone at 973-3500. 

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