road.jpgThe Transportation Assistance Project (T.A.P.), with funding provided by The Department of Behavioral and Development Services, is available to individuals with a major mental health diagnosis who reside in Piscataquis, Penobscot, Washington and Hancock counties.

T.A.P. is designed to help those individuals with an Axis I diagnosis stay active within their community. T.A.P.’s goal is to help consumers develop an individual transportation plan for work, recreation, shopping, education and other activities on a short term basis while the client transitions to self-sufficiency.

The Transportation Assistance Project is a voucher oriented program. The vouchers are used for:

● Gasoline (Irving gift cards)

● Bus Pass (Bangor, Brewer, Old Town, Orono, Hampden, Veazie)

● Taxi Fare (if cabs available in your area)

The transportation choice that is most cost effective will be used.

Consumer responsibilities:

● Find the most cost effective mode of transportation in your community.

● Work with your case manager to develop an ISP and submit to the program. Assistance is available for those consumers without a case manager.

● You must have a current diagnosis and be in treatment. An Axis I diagnosis can be a self-referral. We need to have a letter from your physician or medical doctor stating you have a mental health diagnosis.

Consumers using this program are requested to pay a co pay - 10% - or a minimum of $1.00. This fee can be waived if the consumer does not have the funds. The funding source requires that consumers that are receiving vouchers or rides for work pay the co-pay.

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