Housing & Building Inspection Lead

Lead testing is available for all structures, including homes, child care facilities and apartments. Any structure built prior to 1978 may contain lead paint. Penquis has a certified LEAD inspector that will inspect for lead using lead wipes and or lab testing. A report with the lead test results will be provided along with recommendations for lead remediation. Fees vary according to structure.

For more information please call 973-3552 or 1-800-215- 4942 or by email David at dorcutt@penquis.org.

HEPA Vacuum rentals are available to help families clean up after rehab projects. HEPA Vacs are needed to capture tiny particles of lead dust that would pass right through a regular vacuum. The rental fee is $25 per day or $50 for three days. If you are interested in renting a HEPA Vacuum contact Brandy at 973-3612 or 1-800-215-4942 or by email Brandy Robinson at brobinson@penquis.org

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