Penquis Energy Audit

Since the 1970’s, Penquis has been conducting audits and helping people save energy and make their homes more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Now they are making their services available to you!

To assist homeowners in selecting the best service, we encourage completion of a short questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to give us an understanding of your needs, the construction of your home, and any specific home performance challenges you are facing. Upon review of the questionnaire we’ll work with you to make a recommendation for the best service to meet your needs.

Homeowners can request a single test or service, or the complete a full audit. A single test is best if you have a specific problem or issue.

Single tests include:

Ventilation and Air Flow - A blower door test measures the building tightness and shows how much air infiltrates into a building and helps pinpoint the location.

Infrared Thermal -Thermal imaging can locate insulation deficiencies in walls and other inaccessible locations, heat leaking into an attic or wall, or even locate where radiant piping is located in a concrete floor.

Combustion Gas Leak Detection -Using an analyzer, Penquis can pinpoint gas leaks.

In addition to Home Energy Audits, Housing Services also includes Home Inspection Services listed below.

Pricing varies according to the size, type, and complexity of the building. We offer a variety of services, and upon completion of the questionnaire and consultation, a quote will be provided.

For more information call 973- 3554 or -800-215-494.

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