Lead Testing Education and Services

Through its Lead Inspections program, Penquis helps families identify lead hazards in the home.  The program is open to both homeowners and renters, though certain guidelines apply:

To qualify for a free lead inspection:

  • Homeowners must have children ages 6 or younger residing in the home and meet certain income guidelines. 
  • Landlords may qualify for a free inspection based on the income levels of their tenants. 

To learn more about the Penquis Lead Inspection program, call  207-973-3665.

For those who do not meet the income qualifications, fee-for-service lead inspections are also available to anyone who is interested.  Prices are competitive. Please call 973-3552.

For more information on Lead-based hazards and prevention, visit the Maine.gov website: Childhood Lead Poisoning.

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