Do It Yourself Air Sealing

You can reduce your home's heating and cooling costs through proper insulation and air sealing techniques. If you are motivated and willing to make energy savings improveairsealing_1.jpgments on your home but lack the know-how or funds for materials, the Penquis Housing and Energy Services’, ‘Do-It Yourself’Air Sealing Program CAN HELP! See eligibility below.

Family Size       Income Range

1                  $16335     $43650        

2                  $22065     $49950

3                  $27795     $56175

4                  $33525    $62400

5                  $39225     $67425

6                  $44985     $72375

7                  $50715     $77400

For Knox County the income range is:

Family Size           Income Range

1                   $16335      $47475

2                   $22065      $54225

3                   $27795      $61050

4                   $33525      $67800

5                   $39225      $73200

6                   $44985      $78675

7                   $50715      $84075

Do-It Yourself”

The DIY approach is a good solution for the motivated homeowner who is able to access their attics and basements, and willing to learn basic techniques for sealing the air leaks. Most DIY projects are cheaper to implement than professional projects, with typical energy savings in the range of 5-10%.

Did You Know?

The attic is the biggest air leak culprit in homes Sealing up the air leaks in this area is the best guarantee for a comfortable home

 The Tools:

The basic materials needed to seal air leaks in a home are:

·   acrylic latex caulk

·   caulking gun

·   weather-stripping for door and window

·   door sweeps for door bottoms

·   insulating gaskets for electrical outlets

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