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Parenting & Family Services

Penquis offers a variety of services for families and individuals of all ages. Below is a list of programs with links to detailed information.

Assisted Living ServicesAssisted living services for the elderly and disabled in Bangor, Camden and Millinocket.

Autism Community Services - Case management services for  families with children ages 0-20 who are diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

Child Care and Head Start- Quality child care and early childhood education. 

Family Development Accounts - Matching savings account for expenses to help individuals pay for continued education, the purchase of home or to start a new business.

Maine Families (Parenting Education and Support) The Maine Families Program understands that all parents want the best for their babies. Our caring and professional home visitors will partner with you to access the information and resources that can support the physical and emotional health of your baby and entire family.

Piscataquis Safe Havens Center-  If there has been an incidence or history of domestic violence it can be difficult to work out the details for supervised visitation and a safe exchange for the children and parents. The Piscataquis Safe Havens Center provides supervised visitation and safe exchange service  at no cost to either parent.  .

Teen Services– A maternity home for young or expecting mothers, teen health clinics and education and prevention of sexual violence.




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