What You Can Expect

Penquis is a community of people who have joined in common mission to assist others in preventing, reducing, or eliminating poverty in their lives. Our individual contributions are enhanced by our collective efforts.

We offer assistance, support, and partnership to service recipients, service providers and all others who work with us. We prefer personal, face-to-face interaction. We listen and respond with care, courtesy, candor, and patience. We are discreet and respect the confidentiality of the information with which we are entrusted.

We accept the need to be accountable to the public for the resources with which we are entrusted. We are self-motivated, committed to doing our best work and honest in our use of our time and talents, recognizing that we share a reputation that is dependent upon the actions and behaviors of each of us. We take pride in our work.

We share the responsibility to create and maintain a clean, safe work environment that enables each of us to do our best job and to realize our personal purpose and potential through Penquis. Personal commitment to mission, enthusiasm for the work, mutual support and an interest in finding some fun amongst the toil are the most important things we offer to each other.

We are honest and candid about our individual and collective performance; we look to do better what we do well. We are adaptable. Prudence is balanced by the real and immediate need for action; we take calculated risks and accept failure as part of the lifelong learning process.

What We Expect of Each Other

 We expect everyone to behave as responsible, professional adults; you expect to be treated as a responsible, professional adult.

 We expect hard work, a positive attitude, and a personal commitment to our Mission; you expect to be fairly compensated and fairly treated.

We expect you to treat tools well, use your time honestly, and stay well informed; you expect to be given the time, tools, and information to do your work well.                                                                                 

We expect everyone to treat our customers with courtesy, dignity and respect; you expect our customers to treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect.

We expect everyone to live up to our corporate culture; you expect your coworkers to live up to our corporate culture.

We expect everyone to take pride in his/her work and to be openly supportive of coworkers and Penquis; you expect to receive the open support of Penquis and your coworkers.

We don’t have many rules and we expect everyone to follow them; you expect everyone to follow the rules.

We all expect to have some fun together.

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