Article Title: Energy Savings and Support Services

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Participants have the opportunity to learn about energy saving tips without sacrificing the comfort of their home.  They receive free energy savings kits,  a home energy assessments, learn about  operating costs of specific appliances, air sealing techniques and more. Participants who stay enrolled in the program for one year will receive additional help with heating costs.

Participants can also receive support for other needs they may have such as  health care coverage, transportation, budgeting child care, ect.   We can work one on one  with the individuals while they are in the energy savings program to connect to other community resources to address a variety of needs.

To be eligible for the program individuals must be eligible for LIHEAP . For more information contact Lisa Jipson at or 973-3664

Penquis will hold the first E-Talk class on June 25, at 2:00 pm at 262 Harlow St., Bangor ME.