Article Title: Family Services

  • Maine Families Home Visiting Program

    New or Expecting Parents – Maine Families is a home-based service offered to all families who are expecting or have a new baby at home. Whether it is your first or your third baby, Maine Families certified Home Visitors can provide information, encouragement and support. Visitors listen to your questions and share information about topics that matter to you. Topics include health, nutrition, safety, development and your family’s well-being. Best of all, they come to you at your convenience and at no cost to you! Parenting is the most important job that you will ever have.  It is also the hardest!  Home visitors provide information that you can trust and the support you need when you need it.

    Welcome to Maine Families


    For information call 973-3674 or check us out at

  • Nurturing Families through Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

    For Parents in Recovery– The impact of substance use on families and children can be devastating.   Healing begins as the parent child relationship is strengthened.  Group discussions guide parents toward restoring and rebuilding the connection between family members.   For more information email Christine McMillen at

  • Nurturing Workshop Series

    Nurturing is a universal parenting practice, promoting positive growth and development of children. Nurturing Workshop Series includes ten individual parenting topics (what are the topics) offered on a continuous rotation.

    Nurturing Skills for Families

    Nurturing Skills for Families introduces the Nurturing Parent Philosophy.  Families who use a nurturing philosophy understand how to create a home that nourishes their children’s self-worth and values all family members.  Nurturing is not just about raising children, parents will learn the value in nurturing themselves.

    For more information email Christine McMillen at

  • Period of Purple Crying and Safe Sleep

    Period of Purple Crying & Safe to Sleep are National Initiatives focused on preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and promoting Infant Safe Sleep.  During our training you will receive researched information, materials and learn prevention strategies that address each initiative. For more information email Christine McMillen at

  • Strengthening Maine Families

    Strengthening Maine Families

    Protective Factors are conditions in families, communities and organizations that, when present, increase the health and well-being of children and families. Protective Factors/ Strengthening Maine Families 101 Training is for those who provide programs that support families. The training will offer opportunities to increase capacity to build protective factors that promote optimal development and prevent abuse and neglect. For more information email Christine McMillen at

  • Co-Parenting Workshop

    Active Co-Parenting is a workshop focused on:  Keeping your child out of the middle, allowing your child to love both parents, working on your own healing, developing new skills for communication, creating a positive new relationship as a co-parent. For more information email Christine McMillen at

  • Whole Families Coaching

    Whole Families Coaching is a partnership built on what’s important to you.  This partnership will strengthen skills that will last a lifetime and explore options as you develop new ways to thrive!

    • Education plans and goals
    • Employment opportunities
    • Find safe, stable childcare
    • Complete wellness supports
    • Budgeting and planning
    • Find affordable, safe housing
    • Build community connections

    Do you have at least one child in the household who is under the age of 18 and at least one adult who is looking to explore employment or education opportunities? If so, call us today to see if you are financially eligible for this free program. If you are receiving TANF, HEAP or have children in Head Start, you may automatically qualify. Contact April Sargent at (207) 814-0002 or

  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program

    Domestic Violence Intervention Prevention Classes for Men (DVIP) are designed to educate men about the dynamics of power and control and help participants to decrease the use of violence in relationships.  This is an educational class that works to create growth and change in behavior.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for the participants to recognize and change their controlling and/or abusive behaviors, improve the quality of their own lives and those around them.

    What are Domestic Violence Intervention Prevention Classes for Men?

    This program was designed to educate men about abusive behaviors brought on as a result of male privilege and to help them find alternative ways of managing abusive tendencies.

    Through education, men receive the tools and resources to make changes in their lives, and the lives of their families.

    If you want to learn the effects of domestic violence on your children, improve your communication skills, and cope with family issues without the use of violence, this is the class for you!

    Who should attend?

    • Any Man
    • Court Referrals
    • PFA Referrals
    • DHHS Referrals
    • Probation Referrals
    • D.A. Referrals
    • Counselor Referrals
    • Self Referrals

    How to apply

    Call (207) 270-2963, or e-mail to set up an appointment for intake.

    Class Requirements

    • Intake fee and weekly class fee vary and depend on sliding scale for those who qualify
    • Participation in 48 weekly classes
    • Compliance with class policies
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    Domestic Violence Intervention Prevention Classes for men are made available through a collaborative of Penquis and Partners for Peace.  Working together to build stronger communities and safer futures.