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  • Maine Families

    Maine Families is a home-based service offered to all families who are expecting or have a new baby at home. Whether it is your first or your third baby, Maine Families certified Home Visitors can provide information, encouragement, and support. Visitors listen to your questions and share information about topics that matter to you. Topics include health, nutrition, safety, development, and your family’s well-being. Best of all, they come to you at your convenience and at no cost to you! Parenting is the most important job that you will ever have. It is also the hardest! Home visitors provide information that you can trust and the support you need when you need it. For more information, please call 973-3674 or check us out at

  • Penquis Family Visit Program

    Penquis Family Visit Program provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere for children and family members to visit. This program is offered through DHHS referrals to provide supervised and supportive visits for children and their families who are involved with Child Protection Services during the reunification process. Referrals must come directly from DHHS for this part of the program. The program also offers private pay supervised visitation services for a fee. For more information, please contact Juanita Taylor at 974-2475, email:

  • Case Management

    Case Management services are available for you to assist with a variety of needs. We help connect individuals to services and service providers. We will assist individuals in developing personalized and manageable goals. The program partners with a variety of agencies and programs to assist you in meeting your goals such as:

    • Housing
    • Finances
    • Basic Needs
    • Education
    • Employment / job search
    • Child care

    For more information Contact Theresa at (207) 973-3645 or

  • Parenting Classes/Trainings

    Penquis parenting classes cover a variety of parenting topics including discipline strategies, managing stress, helping children deal with their feelings, communicating with children and building self-esteem, and growth and development in infants and children. Classes are free and some classes offer light refreshments. To register for any of our upcoming parenting classes contact Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or at

    Click on the link below to see our current class/training brochure:


    • For New and Expecting Parents

      Nurturing Prenatal Class

      Celebrate your journey through pregnancy, talk about ways to bond with your baby, build connections, explore resources, and much more. To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

      Boot Camp for New Dads

      New babies don’t come with owner’s manuals. Lots of first-time fathers have questions. How do I hold, feed, talk to, or play with a baby? Join us at Boot Camp for New Dads where we offer first time fathers-to-be a chance to talk with experienced dads who bring their own babies. This workshop is designed for dads-to-be that are in the last trimester of pregnancy. Workshops are typically held at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

      • How to calm a crying baby
      • Finding work/home balance
      • Feeding and changing
      • Handling parents and in-laws
      • Breastfeeding
      • Safety issues
      • Introducing pets to baby
      • Anything else on your mind

      Nurturing Fathers Series

      Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children. Dads meet with other dads to develop skills during fathers only weekly meetings. These classes are free and cover the following topics

      • Discipline strategies and managing stress
      • Helping children manage feelings
      • Family values
      • Building your child’s self-worth
      • Growth and development

      To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

    • Parenting Classes for Children Ages 0-5

      Active Parenting Classes: First Five Years addresses the most common issues facing today’s families. During this four session series parents learn about:

      • Parenting Styles
      • Methods for Discipline
      • Bonding and Attachment
      • Encouraging Positive Behavior
      • Play
      • Their Child’s Brain
      • School Readiness

      To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

    • Parenting Classes for Children Ages 5-12

      Active Parenting Classes for Ages 5-12 address the most common issed facing today’s families. This class is a six session series and topics include:

      • cooperation and communication
      • responsibility and discipline
      • building courage and self-esteem
      • understanding and redirecting misbehavior
      • school success

      To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

    • Co-Parenting Class: Helping Children Thrive in Two Households

      A successful co-parenting relationship is vital to your child’s well-being and health as nutritious food and proper sleep. This class helps parents to learn how to co-parent, so children living in two different households can thrive. This one 5 hour class covers topics including:

      • developing effective communication skills
      • keeping your child out of the middle
      • allowing your child to love both parents
      • working on your own healing
      • creating a positive new relationship as a co-parent

      To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

    • Trainings for Professional Development

      Mandated Reporter

      Mandated Reporters are a critical part of Maine’s Child Protection System. All Mandated Reporters are now required to complete a training approved by the Department of Health and Human Services once every four years.

      Safe Sleep and The Period of Purple Crying

      Safe to Sleep and The Period of Purple Crying are National Initiatives focused on preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and promoting safe sleeping environment for infants. During our training, you will receive researched information and materials as well as learn prevention strategies that address each initiative.

      Strengthening Maine Families

      Protective Factors are conditions in families, communities, and organizations that, when present, increase the health and well-being of children and families. Protective Factors/Strengthening Maine Families 101 Training is for those who provide programs that support families. The training will offer opportunities to increase capacity to build   protective factors that promote optimal development and prevent abuse and neglect.

      Register for a Class

      To register for the next class, call Christine McMillen at 974-2481 or email at

  • Youth Victims of the Opioid Crisis

    Who We Are
    Youth Victims of The Opioid Crisis is an innovative program serving an often overlooked population—youth who have been affected by someone else’s opioid use. We use trauma-informed practices in an effort to reduce isolation and build resilience in the young people who live in our community.

    What We Do
    We offer free weekly Youth Activity Groups for young people from 10-18 to give them the opportunity to interact with others with a similar experience. These groups are facilitated and supervised by a professional counselor and revolve around an activity chosen by the youth who attend.
    Additionally, we offer free one-on-one counseling and recreational activities, as well as community resource navigation to help kids who have been hurt by the opioid crisis connect with the services they need.

    Who is Eligible?
    Youth are eligible for our services if they have experienced things like neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, or human trafficking as a result of someone’s opioid use. An incident does not need to have been reported to authorities to be eligible for services.

    How to Contact Us
    To make a referral or ask any questions about our program, contact Derek Hurder, Program Manager, at (207)973-3653 or, OR Shannon Charette, Clinical Therapist, at (207)307-3313 or