Article Title: Lead Testing & Lead Abatement

  • Lead Testing

    Lead testing is available for all residential homes and rental properties, childcare facilities, and in-home day cares. Structures built prior to 1978 may contain lead paint. Penquis has a certified lead inspector able to complete lead investigations; costs associated with the lead investigation vary depending on the size of the property, location of the property and the reporting details needed.


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  • Lead Abatement

    Through the Lead Abatement program, Penquis helps families identify lead hazards in the home and assists with making the home lead safe. The program is open to both homeowners and landlords of rental properties, though certain guidelines apply:

    To qualify for this program:

    • Properties, rental or single-family residence, must have a child 6 years or younger residing in the home and meet income eligibility requirements; multi-unit or rental properties, income eligibility is based on tenants’ household income.
    • Proof of property insurance is required.
    • Properties must have identified lead-based paint hazards. Inspections of all livable areas of property may be required if not previously inspected within the past year.


    To learn more about the Lead Abatement program, please call 207-814-0167 or email

    For more information on lead-based hazards and prevention, visit the website: Childhood Lead Poisoning.

  • HEPA Vacuum Rental

    A HEPA vacuum is available for a fee to help clean up after rehab projects. A HEPA vacuum is needed to capture tiny particles of lead dust that would pass right through a regular vacuum.

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