Article Title: Youth Services

  • Restorative Justice Program

    Who we are?

    The Restorative Justice Program provides prevention and intervention services to reduce recidivism rates and prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system.

    What we do?

    Prevention includes working with at-risk youth to learn skills surrounding behaviors and the impact of behaviors. Intervention includes a restorative process once harm has been done, including but not limited to re-entry circles, restorative conversations, and circles involving all those involved in an incident.

    How to contact us?

    Referrals to the program can be made by Juvenile Community Corrections Officers (JCCOs), school resource officers, school administration and local law enforcement.  For questions about the program or to make a referral, contact the Division Manager Mindy Kane at (207) 944-7496 or

  • Youth Engagement

    Who we are?

    The Youth Engagement program values meaningful youth involvement and supports efforts to empower youth leadership through community involvement in Penobscot and Piscataquis County.

    What we Do?

    Youth Engagement staff provide leadership activities, educational workshops and technical assistance to groups with a focus on enhancing youth and adult relationships.  These relationships increase resiliency skills and further develop prevention focused protective factors such as increased self-esteem and decreased substance and tobacco use.  The educational workshops offer targeted training or support on specific topics such as Restorative Practices, Vaping/Tobacco Cessation, Action Planning for community events/project or whatever else the youth in the group are interested in.

    Who is eligible?

    Youth between the ages of 13-19 years old or in grades 6-12, as well as adults who mentor or lead youth based groups can participate in the program.

    How to contact us?

    For questions about the program or ways to get involved, contact Mindy Kane at (207) 944-7496 or

  • Penquis Host Homes Program

    Who we are?

    Penquis Host Homes Program (PHH)

    is a supportive service offered to youth/young adults who are experiencing housing insecurity.

    What we Do

    PHH recruits safe, stable community-based homes provided by individuals or families that are interested in providing a safe space for a youth/young adult as they gain resources to either- return to their parent/guardian for family reunification or gain independent living skills while working on goals for greater self-sufficiency.

    Who is eligible?

    Youth 12-24 years of age in the greater Piscataquis region who are experiencing housing insecurity or are at imminent risk of being without a home.

    How to contact us?

    Referrals to the program can be made by anyone, including self-referrals from youth.  For questions about the program or to make a referral, contact Jennie Dunton at: (207) 745-7989 or email:


  • Substance Affected Youth (SAY) Program

    Who We Are
    Launched in 2019, the Substance Affected Youth (SAY) Program is an innovative program serving an often overlooked population—youth who have been affected by someone else’s opioid or other substance misuse. We use trauma-informed practices and evidence-based curricula to reduce isolation and build resilience in the young people who live in our community.

    What We Do
    We offer free Youth Activity Groups and individualized and group mentoring services for young people 10-18 years of age to give them the opportunity to interact with others who have shared experiences. These groups are facilitated and supervised by a supportive adult in participating schools and revolve around an activity chosen by the youth who attend. We also offer community resource navigation to help youth and their families who have been hurt by the opioid crisis connect with the services they need.

    Who is Eligible?
    Youth are eligible for our services if they have been affected by substance misuse in their home or community. An affected other is simply a person whose pursuit of happiness has been negatively impacted by another person’s choices about substance use. Participating youth range from those who are proud of a parent’s long-term recovery to those who are grieving a loved one due to a substance-related death. All are welcome and supported.

    How to Contact Us
    To make a referral or ask any questions about our program, contact Program Manager Mike Gray at (207)852-7396 or, OR Youth Resource Navigator Joe Costello at (207)852-9257 or

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    • Video - Stigma and Empathy: Exploring Our Response to Substance Use Disorder

      What is stigma? How does it affect people with substance use disorders? What does it mean for children and families of those with SUDs? How can we replace stigma with empathy in order to help people access the resources they need in their communities? This video and companion guide explain the serious consequences of stigma on our communities.

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  • Breakthrough Youth

    Who we are?

    Through a partnership with Aroostook CAP and Down East Community Partners, the Breakthrough Youth program provides important life skills to support better financial literacy and healthy decision making to create pathways to employment success.

    What we Do?

    Breakthrough Youth offers 5 evidence based and evidence informed programs: Money Smarts, Soft Skills to Pay the Bills, Prime for Life, Lion’s Quest and Making Proud Choices for group delivery. All 5 programs can be offered, or schools can choose which program sessions they’d prefer. The program’s curriculum includes skills related to saving and spending money appropriately, a safer sex approach to decrease risks for teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, social/emotional learning, and skills to reduce the use of alcohol and substances.

    Who is eligible?

    Youth and young adults between the ages of 14-24 in Penobscot and Piscataquis county.

    How to contact us?

    For questions about the program or ways to get involved, please contact Anna Limeburner at (207) 631-3754 or